Grandad's purpose in life is to gather
and display samples of Continental European
carpenter tools of the wood variety.
.Grandad is a retired
jack-of-all-trades who has found that
a computer and the internet can be a
very helpful means in developing a
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C. before 1820
In this site you will find a collection of European carpenter tools. Some
are antique while others are classic.
Most of the tools shown here are carpenter planes of one form or another
from various parts of Europe. Very often the general location can be
identified by the design of the plane.
Also there is a quick comparison of British/American as to
European planes.
The collection includes tools of German, French, Dutch, Austrian
(Joh Weiss&Sohn) and other manufacturers.
(Many of the comments here
are based on speculation
and guess-work, due to a
lack of knowledge and
information available. So,
please inform Grandad
when you see a very clear
Welcome to-
Grandad's Antique Tools

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