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Dutch Plow
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Notes - This plane is made in the standard Dutch
design. It does not have the carving found on older
planes, the depth-stop is unique to Dutch plow
planes in that it is an iron strip running the full
length of the body, controlled by long thumb screws
at each end and the fence is controlled by a
stirrup-like screw on each arm that, when
tightened, clamps onto the arm. There are no
markings on this plane, which may have been
removed when it was thoroughly cleaned. The
indications are that it was made in the early 1900's.
Notes - This "round " moulding plane is a good example of  
the carving and general outline of a Dutch plane. The markings
W VD R (unknown maker) and N.DOESBURG. N
Deusburg was a tool dealer in Utrecht Holland, exact date
Dutch Moulding

                                                                         <-- Depth Stop             

-- Screw Stem
Plow Plane
Notes -  This is a "modern" version of a Dutch plow plane,
indicated by the short depth-stop with the sliding screw
adjustment. Also, the screw type arms which appear to have not
been used on earlier Dutch plow planes. These arms or stems
extend through the body to form handles on the right side. There
are no marks on the plane or blade to show who made it or where
it was made.
Dutch Tools