Notes- there are no markings of manufacture on this plane. The blade is
marked with
Two Cherries and Kirschen Werk which is a trade mark that
was registered to Wilhm Schmitt & Co. in Remscheid Germany in 1895. They
manufactured cutting edges such as plane blades, chisels and carving tools, no
mention of complete planes.  This company was still in business in 2009 so this
tool may have been made at any time in the past one hundred years. This plane
is in an unused condition, no scratches, scrapes, dents or worm damage, quite
suitable for a museum display.  
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Plow Plane   (Nuthobel)
Crest- LW over
shoooting star in
Very heavy
body and fence
Notes - This is a plow plane made by the Laupheimer Tool Factory in
Laupheim Germany. It is marked with the
LW over Shooting Star
in a circle
on the body, Schupo 137 on the rear. The blade is
Marsden Bros Sheffield which would be a replacement. The
company crest-
LW over Shooting Star was introduced after 1907,
and the mark
Schupo (indication of quality) was used between 1925
and mid 1930's.The markings, therefore, would put the date of
manufacture some time between 1925 and 1935.
Adjustable Dovetail Plane
Notes- Here is a very interesting plane made by the Laupheimer
Tool Factory under the name
. The company crest used is LHW over a bar. The
interesting marking  is a faint stamp on the body made up of a
"Spread winged eagle on a globe which has a swastika
inside, and WaA23 below."
The change of name and this
marking would date this tool to ,approximately, 1935 - 1945.
German Tools
Plow Plane