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Mortise Guage
Notes-- Here is a very simple mortise or marking gauge
made up of six small pieces of wood. The only metal being
the marking points. It is partially marked with the stamp
This stamp was used in the
mid to late 1800's.         
 Purchased in Viena Austria.
Brace with Bit Pad
Bohrwinde mit Bohrhulse
Notes--- There are no
markings on this brace. The
reason it is included in the
Joh Weiss collection is
because it is listed as
page 79,
in the Joh
Weiss&Sohn catalogue of
The metal portion of the bit
is anchored in the wooden
shaft, known as a pad,  the
square portion of the shaft
(pad) is then inserted into
the brace. It is held in place
by a clip made of a spring
steel.   Purchased in Graz
Rebate Plane with Adjustable Throat
Notes--- this plane is marked
with the Joh Weiss & Sohn
Wien in a half circle over the
double eagle on the clamp.
There is a number 24
stamped on the top front of
the body. The reason for this
number is unknown. It is not
a catalog number. This
plane is listed as # 13 in the
John Weiss catalog of 1925
and at least one later
The blade is a two piece unit
made up of the blade itself and
the chip breaker. Both pieces are
stamped with the number 41 and
the blade itself is marked
The front portion of the sole can
be adjusted for very fine shaving
and to close up the throat when
it widens through ware, this is
visable in the lower photo. The
date on this plane is unsure but
it would have been after 1910.
               Purchased in USA
Dowel Threading Tool                  
Inner Parts with blade and locking bolt
Notes --- here is another tool that is
not clearly marked Joh Weiss &
Sohn. But it is listed as #872 in a
Joh Weiss and Sohn catalog of 1925.
Also, under a very bright light a
faint company stamp can be seen
on the top of the body. (Or maybe it
is only wishful thinking.)
This tool was used to cut the thread
in wooden dowels such as the arms
on plow planes. This tool was sold
as a set with the tool used to thread
the hole into which the dowel was
threaded. Dowel size for this tool
was 26 M/M.
     Purchased in Viena Austria
Joh Weiss & Sohn