Notes - This tool is
very well marked
with company
crests on the
blade,knicker and
body. The stamp on
the blade shaft is
over D*FLIR*F*
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Cooper's Croze - Three Arm
(Kimm or Gargelhobel?)
Company crest clearly
Adjustable Sash Plane
Parts- only blades are metal
Notes - There is a Joh Weiss
&Sohn crest stamped very
faintly in front of the two
wedges and covering both
halves of the body. The
blades are unusual in that
one is marked -
the other is marked -
indicating that one blade
was made by John Weiss &
Sohn and the other was
made by D Flir for John
This type of plane is listed as
#35 in the Joh Weiss & Sohn
catalogue of 1909. It is
believed that this tool was
made between 1910 and 1920.
Purchased in Stutgart
Germany .
Moving Fillester Plane
This plane was used to
plane across the grain of a
board such as when fitting
door panels. It has an
full-length,wooden depth
stop and a knicker to cut a
sharp edge across the grain
in front of the blade.
This plane was possibly manufactured between 1910 and 1920. It has the
patented striker button of 1910, also patent numbers from 1910 are stamped on
the front of the body and it is fitted with a blade made by D Flir. Which
changed shortly after this.
Joh Weiss & Sohn
Notes - This tool is used by a cooper/barrel maker to make the groove in which the lid
is placed at the end of a wooden barrel.
The main blade and the "nickers" (blades set ahead of the main blade and used to cut
the edges) are all clearly marked with company markings. The fence is inlayed with
bone strips in the area of great wear. A one piece brass skate and sole make up the
other wear area.
This appears to be a very well-made and expensive tool for its time.
This item was purchased in Austria.