Die gespannten Sägen
Plow Plane
(French  Belgian?)
Notes - Craftsmen (before the
development of mass
production) made their own
tools and this appears to be
one of them. The only marks
anywhere are
CT stamped on
the rear. The blade and the
metal skate appear to be hand
forged. The skate is hammered
out in uneven thicknesses.
Square pins have been used to
hold the skate. The recesses
that the spools are inset in
have been carved out with a
chisel rather than drilled. And
the discs have been made out
of round. Over-all it is made in
the French manner, but may
possibly be Belgian.
Notes - There are no markings on this plane and blade other than 1 1/8
on the rear of the body. It is a typical European three screw arm design
making a groove for a tongue and groove connection. The body itself
acts as a depth stop allowing a 1/2 inch groove.
Three arm Plow Plane
Wooden Drill Brace
Notes - Here is a drill brace in which the main body is wood. In this tool the wood
appears to be beech. There are two points where metal (brass) is used. One being a
washer at the point where the mushroom-shaped knob meets the body and the
other is the socket/clasp at the other end where the bit is inserted. It is marked
*ALSE   ?  and a 7 on  the socket. This tool possibly is not of European
manufacture but it is very similar to the braces used by the European carpenters.


Tension Saw
Notes -This  type of saw appears to have been, and still is, quite popular in Europe.
Variations of this saw are used for different purposes, each with a different blade.
While looking for information it was found that this type of saw is still manufactured
in Europe.                                                                                    Purchased in Germany.
Tools of Other Countries