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On this page you will find a few pieces made by the
U.S. company Benton Evans & C. This company was
in production, using this name, from 1834 to 1838.
Over a number of years, watching both the U.S. and
Canadian ebay, only a few tools with this mark have
been seen. Three of them are here.
Groove Plane -
Plane Parts
End Profile
Notes - this particular plane was listed as
. On close inspection, with
a very strong magnifying glass, it showed that the
F was a very faint B. All other marks, the wedge,
body design,workmanship and stamp itself,
indicate that this is a
The  end profile shows the guiding fence being a solid part
of the body and the parts photo shows the wear plate on
the face of the fence,altogether, a solidly made tool.
Strangely, the handle is made for a very small
hand.                                                                                       USA.
Under Construction
Beyond this point!
(54) Wedge Arm Plow Plane
End view showing wooden skate
Parts with metal blade
Notes-The region of the origin of this plane is unknown. Possibly France. There are no marks
on the plane or the iron making it very difficult to identify. There are minor flaws in the
finishing indicating that it may have been made by an apprentice. This plane has a wooden
skate, the arms are anchored in the body with wooden pins and wedges in the ends, also the
fence is adjusted and held in place with small well made wedges.      USA
Tools of Other Countries