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Plow Plane -- (Portugal)
Parts Break-down
Notes-- The markings on this plane are JMC on the front with
nothing on the blade. It was purchased in Portugal and was
reported to have come from a carpenter in northern Portugal.
European planes are constructed in a "Right-handed" manner with
the arms and fence on the left and not reversible.
But, this plane is unusual in that the arms and fence are extended
to the right or "Left-handed". The blade, also, is made in a
left-handed manner.
Plow Plane
(Brusselse Veerploeg)
Parts Break-down
Notes - Here is another plane which appears to be a
"brusselse veerploeg", although this tool is much
newer than the one shown in "Info Please". The
brusselse veerploeg is a plane with numerous
interchangeable bodies, each one corresponding to
a particular shaped blade.
Here is a very clean tool in an almost unused
condition. It is stamped
BRUNNER on the front
and rear of the body. This could be the name of the
owner or a tool dealer, very doubtful that it would
be the manufacturer. The break-down photo clearly
shows the two piece fence with the clamping screws.
Notes - there are no markings on this plane, the blade is marked
with a figure (animal? or a poorly stamped H) and
you can see, the shaft of the blade is very narrow indicating a
very old item, possibly early 1800's or before. Also, it has a
wooden skate, again indicating a very old tool. Here the fence is
held in place on the arms by wooden wedges.  This plane is small
and light compared to other European planes. The word "petite"
describes it nicely.
Belgian Plow Plane
("languette bois")
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