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Here you will find one or two tools of interest. Information
is needed to identify the tool, the maker, date made and
location, also an estimated value of each tool would be
The first tool is a Dutch plow plane, believed to be a
"Brusselse Veerploeg".
1/ Made from European Beech wood.
2/ Markings are a
V stamped on front of body and fence.
3/ Blade-7/8" straight(rounded corner inside edge)
F PICK & 1
4/ Quarter-round arms held to body with thumb screws
5/ Front thumb screw holds and adjusts depth- stop
as              well as front arm.
6/ Fence held in place with clamping action of two
pieces          on arms.
7/ Metal plate on wearing edge of fence.
8/ "Leather backing plate behind cutting edge of blade."
9/ Listed on page 85, illustration #66 Four Centuries
of             Dutch Planes and Planemakers.
also mentioned on page 127 The Wooden Plane It's                
History Form and Function.

The question is-who made it and when?
Here is another European plane, (Skewed Rebate). This plane is
made of a dark beech and also has an
F PICK blade. It is marked
C BREITSCH on the front and rear. This could be the name of a
tool dealer or the owner of the tool.This plane appears to have had
the sole shaved.
Information Please.